An Eternity Love from the heaven

Date: 12th Apr 2022
Written by Juliet Choo

At the moment each child enters the world, they become the eternal concern of their parents. Parents understand that they can accompany their children for a while, but they cannot be with them for their entire lives. The greatest wish of parents is that even if they are not with their children, their children can still grow up healthy and live well. Especially for parents of special children, they are more worried about their children not being able to receive good care after their parents’ departure. No one can take care of their children’s daily lives and diets, and their children’s future cannot be guaranteed.

The special needs trust provided by Rockwills Trustee Company & As-Salihin Trustee Company can perfectly solve your worries. A special needs trust is a trust established specifically to provide additional funds for people with special needs such as physical or mental disabilities. After you pass away, the trust will dispose of your property according to your wishes for the needs of your special child. It ensures that your special child can maintain a happy and comfortable life and guarantees that you have no worries.

Rockwills Trustee Berhad is a trust company based in Malaysia that provides professional trustee services for individuals and organizations. They specialize in estate planning, trust management, will writing, and corporate trustee services. The company was founded in 1995 and is licensed by the Malaysian Securities Commission under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. Rockwills International Group is the largest provider of solutions and support services in the areas of trusts, succession, management, and distribution of wealth. It has shareholders’ funds exceeding RM50 million and professional indemnity cover of RM100 million. It has done over 250,000 wills and 10,000 trusts (with more than 1,000 trusts involving special needs children) and hold more than RM25 billion in assets under trust management.

Asp-Salihin Trustee Berhad was established in 2011 and is licensed by the Malaysian Securities Commission under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. As-Salihin Trustee Berhad’s services include trust management, estate planning, will writing, private retirement scheme trustee, and corporate trustee services. They also provide Shariah-compliant trust services for Muslim.