Special Kid Trust Fund talk with Free Dental Screening

Date: 22th July, 2022
Venue: Tender Touch Paedriatirc Rehab Center, Setia Alam, Selangor.
Event: Special Kid Trust Fund talk with Free Dental Screening.

This was the second event organized by EverCare Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Tender Touch Paediatric Rehab Center. During discussions with Pn Sharfiza, the owner of Tender Touch, we were surprised to learn that some of the special needs children had never had a chance to visit the dentist. In response, we decided to partner with Artius Dental Group to organize a free dental screening event during Tender Touch’s Parents’ Day on July 22nd.

To increase awareness of the Special Kid Trust Fund, Juliet Choo shared the touching story of “A Story about Ridzuan,” which highlighted how a special needs child can continue to thrive with the support of the Trust Fund established by his late father. The parents in attendance were moved by the story and began asking questions about the Trust Fund, which was a positive response.

In addition to the talk, our dental partners, Dr. Chong and Dr. Tan, provided free dental screenings to all of the special needs children. They were surprised to find that some of the children had never been to the dentist before. The parents were grateful and felt blessed by this service. The event concluded around noon, and every child left with a door gift from Artius Group. The happiness was palpable, and this event created lasting memories for all involved.