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About Evercare

The Founders

We are Evercare Sdn Bhd, a company consisting of founders’ husband and wife Eric Teo and Choo Ley Yueh, with a total combined 25 years of experience in medical equipment supplies and financial planning. 

Eric and Choo have always believed that everyone deserves to be protected physically as well financially.


Evercare Health focuses on home screening devices that assist in heart monitoring. In partnership with Chyromed Sdn Bhd, we are offering smartphone mobile 12 lead hospital grade electrocardiogram that can be done anywhere, even in the comfort of you own home.


For wealth planning, Evercare is the authorized representative of Great Eastern Life, Great Eastern Takaful, As- Salihin and RockWills. Our financial consultations provide assistance in personal medical and legacy protection as well as corporate inheritance services and mega wealth foundations for future generations.