A memorable day for EverCare Sdn Bhd.
This event was successfully organized with The Playhouse Therapist Centre, Open Day.
Children’s Bazaar, Dietitian Talk, and Special Kid Trust Fund Talk.
Children were enjoying their time, while parents were listening to awareness talk sharing.
The “Story of Ridzuan” indicated on how can a Special Kid, Ridzuan is able to survive until today after his father passed away. How Ridzuan communicated and felt his father’s love from another heaven.
We must say a “Big Thank You” to all the Therapist to educate them with extra love.
A group of teacher who needs to contribute more in education line.
Let’s give a big hand to the special kid’s parents too. We EverCare Sdn Bhd understand the pressure and challenges faced by them. Let’s us help on the “Special Kid Trust Fund” and create a hope for them to survive.
Lets contribute more to the Special Kid together..

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