Where is my hope and future?

Date: 12th July, 2022
Venue: Charity Home, Klang
Event: Where is my hope and future?

While visiting a charity home in Klang last year, I was deeply impressed by a girl named Chloe. While I was cleaning the bedroom, I noticed her gazing up at the sky alone, as though she were missing someone. Intrigued, I approached her, and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and whispered “Daddy, mommy”. Without hesitation, I gave her a big hug, and she burst into tears. Later on, I had a meaningful conversation with Mrs. Pravina, the owner of the charity home, who shared with me the story of Chloe.
Chloe was born in 2013 into a wealthy family residing in Mont Kiara. Her father, Captain Raymond Tan, was a pilot and her mother, Mrs Tan, was a nurse. However, Chloe was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, which prompted Mrs Tan to quit her job and provide full-time care for Chloe. Despite the challenges of constantly falling sick and requiring comprehensive physiotherapy to improve her living skills, Chloe’s parents remained dedicated to her well-being.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Chloe was only four years old. Her father passed away in a car accident on the way to the airport. However, the family received RM2 million from the company as an accident death claim within a month. The sudden loss had a profound impact on Mrs Tan, who struggled with depression a year later. Matters worsened when Mr Tan lost RM100K to a money game trap, causing Mrs Tan to relapse and require hospitalization for mental illness treatment. As a result, Mrs Tan lost guardianship of Chloe, and her uncle became the legal guardian. However, Chloe was later found in an NGO Charity Home after five years due to a lack of funds. Unfortunately, the money was misused, and Chloe lost access to physiotherapy and skill development treatments, which severely impacted her quality of life.

Had Chloe’s parents set up a Trust Fund during their lifetime, her fate could have been different. Unfortunately, it’s too late for Chloe, and the mismanagement of funds destroyed her promising future. Chloe lost not only her parents and friends but also her ability to smile and hope for a better tomorrow.

A True Story About Special Kid, Ridzuan Visiting Special Kid :” A True Story about Ridzuan”

Date: 29th March 2019
Venue: Kajang, Selangor
Event: A True Story About Special Kid, Ridzuan Visiting Special Kid :” A True Story about Ridzuan”

As per my routine, I paid a visit to my client Dr. Azri’s house during Raya festivities. During our conversation, I discovered that he had a special child named Ridzuan. Dr. Azri confided in me that Ridzuan was his sole concern, and although taking care of him was challenging, he had accepted the fact and always endeavoured to provide the best care possible for his son.

“Choo, sebenarnya yang paling risau saya ialah siapa nak jaga Ridzuan selepas peninggalan isteri dan saya sendiri? Duit jagaan dari mana? Ini memang risaukan saya selama-lama ini. Choo, ada solusi yang baik ke?”

“Dr, I think “Tabung Amanah Kanak-kanak Khas” boleh membantu. Biar Choo jelaskann untuk Dr. Bolehkah Dr ceritakan pasal kejadian Ridzuan?”

So, I started my first Special Kid Trust Fund for Ridzuan after story sharing from Dr Azri.

Ridzuan was borne at 2012.He was a happy baby who loves to laugh. We showered him with love, and spent most of our time to take care of him. However, when Ridzuan was six months old, he felt ill with a high fever and had a seizure that left him unable to talk or move. Ridzuan was diagnosed with permanent brain damage due to Brain Meningitis. It was a difficult time for us and Ridzuan to accept the fact. We sent him for physiotherapy treatment to improve his motto skill. Ridzuan slowly regained his ability to move his limbs and communicate with us through facial expressions.

Last month, I had a minor car accident, which made my wife worry about what would happen to Ridzuan if I passed away just now? They decided to contact Juliet Choo, an experienced estate planner, who helped them set up a Special Kid Trust Fund to take care of Ridzuan’s future expenses. The total fund size RM1.5 Mil Life Takaful Hayat was set up to take care of Ridzuan for the next 20 years.
Sadly, Dr Azri passed away due to a heart attack after three years. Immediately, Juliet Choo helped Ridzuan to kick start the Trust Fund and the wife started to receive RM8000 very month from the Trustee Company, which relieved her of financial worries. The Trust Fund proved to be fully functional and provided crucial assistance to the family during their challenging time.
Now, Ridzuan was eleven years old. He grew well with continuously therapy treatment. His mother, Pn Sofia would bring Ridzuan to visits his father’s resting place every year. Although Dr Azri is no longer with them, the family still carried on their life as usual under the Special Kid Trust Fund until today.

I felt relieved and proud to have set up the Trust Fund for Dr. Azri’s son. The Trust Fund provided support and hope for both Pn. Siti and Ridzuan to carry on with their lives without depending on others. By creating this future hope for Ridzuan, I had fulfilled my mission of providing for a special child.