A Remarkable Visit to Headstart Academy: Empowering Special Needs Children

Date: 30th May, 2023 (Tuesday)

Time: 1030am

Location: Headstart Academy, Glo Damansara, Petaling Jaya.


A Remarkable Visit to Headstart Academy: Empowering Special Needs Children

It was a truly enchanting morning as the EverCare team embarked on a visit to another Special Needs Child Therapy Center located at Damansara. What made this center truly exceptional was its unique setting inside a bustling shopping mall. As we entered the premises of Headstart Academy, a therapy center dedicated to serving special needs children, we were captivated by the innovative concept. The idea of parents being able to relax with a cup of tea while their child received therapy treatment was simply remarkable.

To make this visit even more meaningful, we were honored to have Encik Azhar, the Director of Rockwills, accompany us. Our primary objective was to organize a workshop for parents, aiming to raise awareness about the special needs children trust fund and enhance emergency life-saving skills in case of dangerous situations. The workshop discussions flowed smoothly, and we were pleased with the positive outcome.

After the productive discussion, the Headstart Academy manager graciously guided us on a brief tour of the center. We were astonished by the thoughtful design elements implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of the children. The center’s spacious and vibrant gym room left us in awe. As the director shared with us, Headstart Academy boasts the highest graduation rate for special needs children, with approximately 30% to 40% successfully transitioning back to mainstream schools and leading better-quality lives. This accomplishment was a testament to their unwavering commitment to assisting every special needs child, valuing their right to a fulfilling life and acknowledging that they merely require additional guidance and patience from society.

After an hour filled with awe and inspiration, the visit concluded, leaving a lasting impression on both EverCare and Rockwills. We are now diligently preparing for the upcoming workshop, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to announce it soon. This visit to Headstart Academy has truly been an incredible experience, further solidifying our dedication to empowering special needs children and ensuring their inclusion within society.


EverCare and Playhouse Forge Partnership to Enhance Special Kid Caregiving Services through Trust Fund Set Up

Date: 24th Nov 2022
Venue: The Playhouse EIP and Autism Therapy Centre Kota Kemuning, Selangor.
Event: EverCare and Playhouse Forge Partnership to Enhance Special Kid Caregiving Services through Trust Fund Set Up

We are delighted to inform you that Evercare Sdn Bhd and The Playhouse EIP and Austism Therapy Centre have signed an MOU to promote public awareness of the SPECIAL KID TRUST FUND. With this partnership, both companies aim to create a better future for all special children.

Evercare and Playhouse Pure Rehab have joined forces to bring SPECIAL KID TRUST FUND awareness to the public. We are honoured to collaborate in the pursuit of a brighter future for special children, and we look forward to the positive impact this partnership will have on the community.

Evercare Sdn Bhd and The Playhouse EIP and Austism Therapy Centre are pleased to announce the signing of an MOU aimed at raising public awareness of the SPECIAL KID TRUST FUND. Through this collaboration, we are committed to creating a more promising future for all special children.

Special Day of Care: Special Kid Trust Fund and Dental Check-up Event with Hatching Therapy Centre

Date: 10th Sept, 2022
Venue: Hatching Centre, Kelana Jaya, Selangor 

It was a meaningful Saturday morning for EverCare Sdn Bhd and Hatching Therapy Centre as we organized a Special Trust Fund Awareness Talk for parents. Approximately 20 parents attended the talk. Parents were deeply touched when we shared the “Story of Ridzuan” which drew out their pain and hopes. We were happy that lots of parents came to us to understand more about the benefits of Special Kid Trust Fund. we engaged with the parents and listened to their challenges, offering more information on the importance of setting up a Special Kid Trust Fund. The parents were impressed with our efforts, and we built a strong relationship with them.

In addition to the Trust Fund Talk, we also learned that parents of special kids faced challenges in taking their children to the dentist. To assist them, we invited Dr Tan Ming Hoe from Artius Group to provide a Dental Awareness Talk to the parents. Dr. Tan Ming Hoe from Artius Group shared valuable insights with the parents on how to maintain good dental hygiene for their children. As part of their corporate social responsibility, Artius Group also provided free dental check-ups for all the special kids present. It was shocking to discover that some of the children had never been to a dentist before due to various difficulties. The parents were extremely grateful for the contribution of Artius Group, and their generosity was greatly appreciated.

Special Kid Trust Fund talk with Free Dental Screening

Date: 22th July, 2022
Venue: Tender Touch Paedriatirc Rehab Center, Setia Alam, Selangor.
Event: Special Kid Trust Fund talk with Free Dental Screening.

This was the second event organized by EverCare Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Tender Touch Paediatric Rehab Center. During discussions with Pn Sharfiza, the owner of Tender Touch, we were surprised to learn that some of the special needs children had never had a chance to visit the dentist. In response, we decided to partner with Artius Dental Group to organize a free dental screening event during Tender Touch’s Parents’ Day on July 22nd.

To increase awareness of the Special Kid Trust Fund, Juliet Choo shared the touching story of “A Story about Ridzuan,” which highlighted how a special needs child can continue to thrive with the support of the Trust Fund established by his late father. The parents in attendance were moved by the story and began asking questions about the Trust Fund, which was a positive response.

In addition to the talk, our dental partners, Dr. Chong and Dr. Tan, provided free dental screenings to all of the special needs children. They were surprised to find that some of the children had never been to the dentist before. The parents were grateful and felt blessed by this service. The event concluded around noon, and every child left with a door gift from Artius Group. The happiness was palpable, and this event created lasting memories for all involved.

The Do’s And Don’ts of Nutrition and Mealtime for Children

Date: 26th June, 2022
Venue : The Playhouse EIP Centre, Kota Damansara Branch, Selangor.
Event: Special Kid Trust Fund Talk and Dietitian Talk.

EverCare Sdn Bhd and The Playhouse EIP Center joined forces for the second time to organize an event. Upon Pn Adila’s request, owner of The Playhouse, we invited Associate Professor Dr. Geeta from University Putra Malaysia to give a talk on “The Do’s and Don’ts of Nutrition and Mealtime for Children.” During the talk, Dr. Geeta provided valuable advice to parents on how to prepare healthy and balanced meals for their special needs children, which can be challenging as children with special needs are often picky eaters. The parents also shared tips and methods among themselves.

After the talk, Juliet Choo shared the inspiring story of “A Story about Ridzaun,” which touched the hearts of the parents present and sparked questions about the Trust Fund. Dr. Chong and Dr. Tan provided free dental screenings, and some children experienced a dental visit for the first time. The event concluded with PaPa Crown’s magical performance, leaving every child with a happy smile and a door gift from Artius Group. Through the event, we were able to raise awareness of the Special Kid Trust Fund to a new level, and create positive memories for everyone involved.

Special Kid Trust Fund Talk and Dental Checking

Date: 10th April, 2021
Venue: Tender Touch Paediatric Rehab Clinic
Activity: Special Kid Trust Fund Talk and Dental Checking

After patiently waiting for the end of the MCO lockdown, EverCare Sdn Bhd successfully organized a physical event for the Special Kid Trust Fund Talk. We took numerous precautionary steps to ensure the safety of all attendees, and our collaborators at Tender Touch Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre also went above and beyond to ensure a safe and successful event.

Tender Touch is not just a professional children’s physiotherapy center, but a caring one as well. They guide children through therapies with love, teaching them to crawl, walk, and express themselves little by little. For children with special needs, these simple actions can be a challenge, but Tender Touch’s patient approach helps them overcome obstacles and grow happily.

EverCare Sdn Bhd understands the struggles of parents, especially the worry of what will happen to their children if they are gone. Through the survey with the parents, we realised a lot of parents biggest concerns were “ Who can take care of my special kid after my passing?” and “How much should I prepare for the kid?” That’s why we believe the Special Children’s Trust Fund is so crucial – it provides a gift of love from heaven, allowing these children to grow up carefree and happy. At Evercare, we truly care about and protect our clients.
In addition to the talk, EverCare would like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Dennis Lee and his team for providing free dental checkups to all the special kids. We deeply appreciate his professionalism and care for these children. Dealing with special needs children during dental checkups requires an immense amount of patience, and we truly salute Dr. Dennis for his unwavering patience and dedication.