Evercare and Playhouse Sign MOU on SPECIAL KID TRUST FUND

We are proud to announce the signing of MOU between Evercare and Playhouse Pure Rehab on bringing SPECIAL KID TRUST FUND awareness to the public. Both companies hope that through this collaboration they can create a brighter future for all special kids.

Great Event with Tendertouch and Artius Dental

Tendertouch is a caring and professional children’s physiotherapy center.
Children who attend this center have undergone a therapies that are full of love, guiding them from crawling to walking, learning to express crying and laughter, little by little.
These actions which we take for granted are a challenge for children with special needs, and Tender Touch’s patient approach allows them to break through these obstacles and grow happily.
We at EverCare Sdn Bhd understand the pain and hard work of parents, and also understand that their biggest worry is that if they are gone, how will their children survive?
The establishment of the Special Children’s Trust Fund is necessary. Only with this gift of love from heaven, children can grow up carefree and happy. We at Evercare, We Care We Protect

Amazing Playhouse collaboration for Special Kid Trust Fund

A memorable day for EverCare Sdn Bhd.
This event was successfully organized with The Playhouse Therapist Centre, Open Day.
Children’s Bazaar, Dietitian Talk, and Special Kid Trust Fund Talk.
Children were enjoying their time, while parents were listening to awareness talk sharing.
The “Story of Ridzuan” indicated on how can a Special Kid, Ridzuan is able to survive until today after his father passed away. How Ridzuan communicated and felt his father’s love from another heaven.
We must say a “Big Thank You” to all the Therapist to educate them with extra love.
A group of teacher who needs to contribute more in education line.
Let’s give a big hand to the special kid’s parents too. We EverCare Sdn Bhd understand the pressure and challenges faced by them. Let’s us help on the “Special Kid Trust Fund” and create a hope for them to survive.
Lets contribute more to the Special Kid together..

Thank you to all EVERCARE customers and supporters!

Thank you to all our customers and supporters for the Support and Trust given.

We Evercare have won recognition from RockWills and we would like to share this honour with you.

Thank you so much for the support and we look forward to servicing you for your Will & Trust needs. Please refer to us any friends or family members that need advise or estate planning services.

How Medical Card Helped

Age: 25 years old

Case: Eye Surgery

Total Claim: RM 2,765


Unexpected Situations can hit you at any time. Would it have occurred to you that you would require eye surgery at the age of 25? This was the case for Mr Lim, a 25 year old photographer, coming from a poor family background. His father passed away when he was 6 years and his mother raised him until he graduated from university alone. Now as the only child, he is the sole breadwinner of the family, taking care of the almost 70 year old mother alone.


Imagine when being informed by the doctor that he vision is getting worse and require surgery, can you imagine the tension passing through him, thinking that he may lose his passion as a photographer and the sole income of the family?


Luckily, Mr Lim choose to purchase a Great Eastern Medical Card through Evercare Sdn Bhd, and with our help, we managed to claim RM 2,765 for his surgery. Hear Mr Lim’s testimonial on how Evercare and helped him through this difficult time.

Tolong buat Claim untuk Takaful Medical Card yang 4 bulan sahaja!

Baru-baru ni, salah seorang daripada client kita kena Diarrhea, punca dari food poisoning. And client ni kena admit dekat hospital selama 3 hari. Total claim up to RM6k, Alhamdulillah dengan rezeki Allah, client ni ada Medical Card. Walaupun baru je sign up 4 bulan yang lepas, Medical Expenses dia Medical Card yang cover!!
“Alhamdulillah, nasib baik tergerak hati nak ambil Medical Card haritu. Tahu tahu ni dah kena admit. Ingatkan semalaman je. Sekali check-in 3 malam terus” – client.
Ini yang kita kata, benda nak berlaku, bila-bila masa je boleh berlaku. Bukan kita minta, tapi kita lebih kepada berjaga-jaga. Cuba bayangkan kalau haritu client ni tak tergerak hati lagi nak ambil Medical Card, macam mana dengan perbelanjaan Medical dia? Nak tak nak kena keluarkan saving sendiri lah jawabnya, betul tak?
Buat yang masih lagi hold nak ambil ke taknak Medical Card ni, masih berfikir-fikir lagi, kita sarankan, jika ada bajet sebaiknya ambil lah segera. Ini adalah protection buat diri kita. Kalau benda lain boleh je kita buat protection, kenapa untuk diri sendiri kita teragak-agak. Duduk diam-diam, tepuk dada, tanya lah hati.
Kalau ada yang berminat nak tahu lebih lanjut berkenaan Medical Card ini, boleh terus whatsapp, In shaa Allah kita akan berikan service yang the best punya 👍👍

Part 3 in the collaboration series with Lighthouse Therapy Center

The 3rd in the Lighthouse collaboration series:
🔸AP Dr Geeta Children’s Healthy Eating Sharing Session
🔸EverCare Sdn Bhd Special Children’s Trust Fund Sharing Session
EverCare completed the third online forum regarding the Hope Trust Fund for Special Children in collaboration with Lighthouse Therapy Center.
My heartfelt thanks to The Lighthouse Special Children Therapy Center for inviting us for their 3 part series.
Creating a suitable diet is more complicated, yet very important for special children. AP Dr Geeta was generous enough to spend sometime with us to provide wonderful advise and consultation on how to overcome these challenges.
For many parents, it may be the first time to hear about the Special Children’s Trust. What their major concern is what if their special children lives longer than them? Who will take care of them? Where will the money come from?
Many feel the questions above are taboo and will not want to think about it or put it aside because they feel there is no solution. However with EverCare’s professional analysis, we can provide that solution through the Special Children’s Trust Fund. The Special Children’s Trust Fund allows your special child to have a bright future even if your staring from them from heaven.
Let EverCare analyze and build your own special children’s hope trust fund for you so that you put your worries ease. Let your children always feel your presence.
Please contact us for a free consultation
Please contact
Juliet Choo: 012-7656770
Eric Teo: 016-9820048

Is Will important for Foreigners in Malaysia?

A wonderful sharing in a beautiful Sunday afternoon,
We at Evercare Sdn Bhd would like to extend a big thank you to Ms Jasmine Trang for inviting us to be a speaker on the topic of Estate Planning for Vietnamese who stay in Malaysia.
2 of the major concerns raised by them:
🔸 I am married to Malaysian husband. We have 2 minor kids. If my husband passed away, will I, as a foreigner inherit his asset in Malaysia? What about my children? Will I or will my husband’s family gain custody of them?
🔸 I have some assets in Malaysia. Should I write a Malaysia Will or Vietnam Will to cover my estate?
Many topics arose during the Q&A session and most of the Vietnamese Wives actually need a sense of security and certainty if their husband passed away, their rights to the children and assets are protected.
A Malaysia Will is so important to protect them and their interest in Malaysia.
If you are a Foreigner, kindly contact us to start the first step to safe guarding yourself and your children’s future in Malaysia.

First Successful Forum Collaboration with Lighthouse Therapy Center

Thank you so much to Lighthouse Therapy Center for our first successful online virtual forum! Our presentation on Special Kid Trust Fund impressed many parents. We hope that many parents were able to gather more information and awareness from this forum. We look forward to the next forum with Lighthouse Therapy Center!