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How Medical Card Helped

Age: 25 years old Case: Eye Surgery Total Claim: RM 2,765   Unexpected Situations can hit you at any time. Would it have occurred to you that you would require
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Tolong buat Claim untuk Takaful Medical Card yang 4 bulan sahaja!

Baru-baru ni, salah seorang daripada client kita kena Diarrhea, punca dari food poisoning. And client ni kena admit dekat hospital selama 3 hari. Total claim up to RM6k, Alhamdulillah dengan
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Part 3 in the collaboration series with Lighthouse Therapy Center

The 3rd in the Lighthouse collaboration series: AP Dr Geeta Children’s Healthy Eating Sharing Session EverCare Sdn Bhd Special Children’s Trust Fund Sharing Session EverCare completed the third online forum
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Is Will important for Foreigners in Malaysia?

A wonderful sharing in a beautiful Sunday afternoon, We at Evercare Sdn Bhd would like to extend a big thank you to Ms Jasmine Trang for inviting us to be
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First Successful Forum Collaboration with Lighthouse Therapy Center

Thank you so much to Lighthouse Therapy Center for our first successful online virtual forum! Our presentation on Special Kid Trust Fund impressed many parents. We hope that many parents
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SPEEDOC our latest D-Heart Customer

SPEEDOC: Our new latest happy customer of D-Heart. They have purchased multiple units from Evercare to improve their house call screening services.
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