Age: 25 years old

Case: Eye Surgery

Total Claim: RM 2,765


Unexpected Situations can hit you at any time. Would it have occurred to you that you would require eye surgery at the age of 25? This was the case for Mr Lim, a 25 year old photographer, coming from a poor family background. His father passed away when he was 6 years and his mother raised him until he graduated from university alone. Now as the only child, he is the sole breadwinner of the family, taking care of the almost 70 year old mother alone.


Imagine when being informed by the doctor that he vision is getting worse and require surgery, can you imagine the tension passing through him, thinking that he may lose his passion as a photographer and the sole income of the family?


Luckily, Mr Lim choose to purchase a Great Eastern Medical Card through Evercare Sdn Bhd, and with our help, we managed to claim RM 2,765 for his surgery. Hear Mr Lim’s testimonial on how Evercare and helped him through this difficult time.

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