A wonderful sharing in a beautiful Sunday afternoon,
We at Evercare Sdn Bhd would like to extend a big thank you to Ms Jasmine Trang for inviting us to be a speaker on the topic of Estate Planning for Vietnamese who stay in Malaysia.
2 of the major concerns raised by them:
🔸 I am married to Malaysian husband. We have 2 minor kids. If my husband passed away, will I, as a foreigner inherit his asset in Malaysia? What about my children? Will I or will my husband’s family gain custody of them?
🔸 I have some assets in Malaysia. Should I write a Malaysia Will or Vietnam Will to cover my estate?
Many topics arose during the Q&A session and most of the Vietnamese Wives actually need a sense of security and certainty if their husband passed away, their rights to the children and assets are protected.
A Malaysia Will is so important to protect them and their interest in Malaysia.
If you are a Foreigner, kindly contact us to start the first step to safe guarding yourself and your children’s future in Malaysia.

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