The 3rd in the Lighthouse collaboration series:
🔸AP Dr Geeta Children’s Healthy Eating Sharing Session
🔸EverCare Sdn Bhd Special Children’s Trust Fund Sharing Session
EverCare completed the third online forum regarding the Hope Trust Fund for Special Children in collaboration with Lighthouse Therapy Center.
My heartfelt thanks to The Lighthouse Special Children Therapy Center for inviting us for their 3 part series.
Creating a suitable diet is more complicated, yet very important for special children. AP Dr Geeta was generous enough to spend sometime with us to provide wonderful advise and consultation on how to overcome these challenges.
For many parents, it may be the first time to hear about the Special Children’s Trust. What their major concern is what if their special children lives longer than them? Who will take care of them? Where will the money come from?
Many feel the questions above are taboo and will not want to think about it or put it aside because they feel there is no solution. However with EverCare’s professional analysis, we can provide that solution through the Special Children’s Trust Fund. The Special Children’s Trust Fund allows your special child to have a bright future even if your staring from them from heaven.
Let EverCare analyze and build your own special children’s hope trust fund for you so that you put your worries ease. Let your children always feel your presence.
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