In 2019, Eric Teo and Juliet Choo founded EverCare Sdn bhd with a mission to provide physical and financial protection to individuals, especially those with special needs.

The inspiration for the Special Kid Trust Fund came from Juliet’s encounter with the stories of Ridzuan and Chloe, two special kids who experienced vastly different outcomes after the passing of their father, the breadwinner of their family. While Ridzuan was able to continue living a normal life with the support of the Special Kid Trust Fund, Chloe was abandoned in a charity home due to misuse of funds by her guardian.

This highlighted the critical importance of responsible money management for special needs individuals. EverCare’s Special Kid Trust Fund is designed to provide reliable fund management through trusted companies such as Rockwills or As-Salihin, ensuring that the special kid’s interests are always protected.


Evercare Sdn Bhd

Our Goal, Mission and Vision

Our goal is to create a quality life and hopes of living to special kids without depending so much on donation. We believe special kid has the right to carry own their life with pride and their own way. Thus, our vision is to set up special kid trust fund for every special kid and our mission is to create more awareness on the important of special kid trust fund with the parents.

For the past few years, EverCare Sdn Bhd did about 50 surveys on special kid’s parents. Sad to say, 60% parents never think of this issues, 30% parents choose to end their kid’s life together during their passing. 20% parents believed the special kid will be taken care well with the family’s support. There are 2 commons questions had been raised up:

“How much money should I prepare for my special kid? For how long the fund can be sustained?”

“Who can I trust to manage the money on behalf?”

Evercare Sdn Bhd

What is a Special Kid Trust Fund?

At EverCare Sdn Bhd, our goal is to empower special needs individuals to live a life of dignity and independence without relying solely on donations. We firmly believe that every special kid has the right to take control of their own life and future. To achieve this, our vision is to establish a Special Kid Trust Fund for every special needs individual, and our mission is to raise awareness among parents about the importance of setting up such a fund.

Through our surveys of special needs parents, we have found that a significant percentage have not considered the issue of financial planning for their children’s future. There are two major concerns have been raised up among the parents:

“ Where is the money come from to take care of my special kid upon my passing? I do not have so much money now.”

“Who will manage the fund? I do not trust anymore except my spouse to manage the money for my kid. I worry misuse of the funding.”

In response, we have created the concept of the Special Kid Trust Fund as a solution. The fund is established through a Trust Deed between parents and a Trustee Company, containing instructions on guardianship selection and money allocation to care for the special kid after the passing of the parent. The Trust Deed ensures responsible management of the fund and prevents misuse of the funding by the guardian.

Our team at EverCare will work closely with parents to determine the specific needs of their special needs child, including current expenses, diagnosis, and the lifespan of the trust fund required. We will provide guidelines for funding and create specific instructions for guardianship selection, daily expenses, therapist treatments, and skill development.

Through the establishment of the Special Kid Trust Fund, we aim to provide a “remote control” from parents in heaven to protect their special needs child, enabling them to lead a higher quality life with reduced reliance on charity.