A Remarkable Visit to Headstart Academy: Empowering Special Needs Children

Date: 30th May, 2023 (Tuesday)

Time: 1030am

Location: Headstart Academy, Glo Damansara, Petaling Jaya.


A Remarkable Visit to Headstart Academy: Empowering Special Needs Children

It was a truly enchanting morning as the EverCare team embarked on a visit to another Special Needs Child Therapy Center located at Damansara. What made this center truly exceptional was its unique setting inside a bustling shopping mall. As we entered the premises of Headstart Academy, a therapy center dedicated to serving special needs children, we were captivated by the innovative concept. The idea of parents being able to relax with a cup of tea while their child received therapy treatment was simply remarkable.

To make this visit even more meaningful, we were honored to have Encik Azhar, the Director of Rockwills, accompany us. Our primary objective was to organize a workshop for parents, aiming to raise awareness about the special needs children trust fund and enhance emergency life-saving skills in case of dangerous situations. The workshop discussions flowed smoothly, and we were pleased with the positive outcome.

After the productive discussion, the Headstart Academy manager graciously guided us on a brief tour of the center. We were astonished by the thoughtful design elements implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of the children. The center’s spacious and vibrant gym room left us in awe. As the director shared with us, Headstart Academy boasts the highest graduation rate for special needs children, with approximately 30% to 40% successfully transitioning back to mainstream schools and leading better-quality lives. This accomplishment was a testament to their unwavering commitment to assisting every special needs child, valuing their right to a fulfilling life and acknowledging that they merely require additional guidance and patience from society.

After an hour filled with awe and inspiration, the visit concluded, leaving a lasting impression on both EverCare and Rockwills. We are now diligently preparing for the upcoming workshop, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to announce it soon. This visit to Headstart Academy has truly been an incredible experience, further solidifying our dedication to empowering special needs children and ensuring their inclusion within society.